Jan 7, 2013

A Little Food For (Positive) Thought


I keep logging into Blogger, clicking "New Post" and then just staring at the blank screen like - "Well, what now?" Darnit, Blog! Someday you are going to learn to write yourself!

It's a Monday and I'm back in the office after a weekend that was not exactly the quiet weekend at home I had planned. Saturday I finally got a new haircut/color that I've been craving for months now and I think it turned out great! It's a red ombre (YOU GUYS! It's suddenly COOL to look like you haven't got your hair done in MONTHS!) and I went with the ombre because I'm hoping it will keep my roots from showing as I attempt to grow my hair out even longer! I've also given up my straightener/curling irons and let me just tell you- it's killing me. I'm quite the little frizz ball these days!

But what I actually wanted to talk about today is timing and if I'm being honest it's probably one of the harder parts of positive thought for me. Because trust in the Universe around you (or God or yourself even or whatever you choose to believe in- we don't judge around these here parts!) means trust in the timing. I'm a total control freak so when I want something- I tend to want it here right this very second. Not five minutes from now- not tomorrow- not next week- NOW.

Here's what I've realized though, I always manage to get what I need.

So, half the battle is over- I know that if I really truly need something, I will find a way to get that or experience that. I trust the world around me enough to know that, so why does it matter if it's 5 minutes from now or five years?

Truthfully- it doesn't.

When I need it, it will come through.

And if I don't have it yet? I'm not ready or it's not ready for me.

Sometimes, you have to hit the bumps to appreciate a smooth road.
You have to have those less pleasant experiences to fully appreciate the amazing moments.
You have to fail to learn to appreciate success.

This is what I'm realizing each day-

There is a reason. There is a reason for the bumps, the rocks, the moments where I don't receive what I've asked for- even if the reason is that I haven't fully gotten to enjoy the journey from point A to point B.

We get so concerned with the destination that we forget to enjoy the ride. We get so caught up in where we want to be that we don't stop and take a look at how amazing where we are really is. And sometimes, we forget to trust in timing-

But everything will fall into place. When we're really, truly ready.

Funny how this nonreligious post sounds so religious. It always strikes me as strange how so many different people can believe some of the same thing (different versions of the same story almost) and yet we still choose to be pulled apart by the views that are different instead of united but the bits that are the same.


Jessica said...

I just wanted to stop by and say you are awesome. Your blog is growing, and it's amazing to witness.

Just came here to say that.

-Jessica @ undefinedrole.com

Destiny said...

Thank you!! It really has been exciting! !! However I have got to stop yelling "I GOT A NEW FOLLOWER!" where people can hear me! Im sure people think I've started a cult!

Ms. Amanda Grace said...

You're adorable. I just feel uplifted when I read your blog.. Love love love love.