Jan 2, 2013

Ode to 2012

My tattoo as photographed by MegWhite Photography
Hello, gorgeous friends. Did you all have a good New Years? I really did even though I just stayed in for a Gossip Girl marathon with the best friend. We made rules like 1- We HAD to stay in our sweats all day and 2- We COULDN'T do our makeup or hair. It was a true lazy day and exactly what I needed to recoop from the hectic holidays!

As we've moved on into the new year, I want to take a few minutes to reflect on 2012- which was a CRAZY year for me. It threw me alot of loops but I ended up with alot to be grateful for. It was a year full of learning. It was a year full of accepting. Mainly, though, it was a year filled with strength, curiousity, and surprises.

At the beginning of 2012, I was stuck. I had just got out of this experience. I was living with my parents and I was working a crappy part time job that I absolutely hated. Don't get me wrong, looking back I can see how I needed that experience and how much I have learned about myself and grown as a person because of that experience. I don't mean to sound ungrateful- because honestly, I am so thankful. I needed the experience. I did. But every day was a constant question of "what's going to happen next? Will I be able to handle this? What sort of thing is going to ruin my day today?" I absolutely hated my time there despite the fact that it was a fantastic learning experience. I was blind to that perspective at the time. I was stressed out daily and I felt worthless, literally. It was one of those jobs with really high turnaround where they just really don't care if you stay or if you leave. You are just a number. One application in a pile of 100s. Have you ever worked a job like that? Well, alot was going on there and one day I just said NO. Literally, I left work, got in my car, and said "Homegirl, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You hate this place! You can do more than this! You are capable of MORE!" and I called my boss, put in my 2 weeks notice (while I still had the nerve to do it) and drove away. (Sidenote: I came back and worked my 2 weeks. Even in a crappy situation you should always try to do right by people! Plus you might need them as references later!) I felt on top of the world for about an hour. Then that panic set in- WHAT HAD I DONE?! Where was I going to get my money from? How would I afford to live? Oh my- literally, as soon as the panic set in, my phone rang.

Guys, I couldn't even make this stuff up if I wanted to!!

I got offered a job. Now, here is the crazy thing, I had literally interviewed for this job 2 MONTHS prior to them calling me. They had hired someone else but, at that moment, for whatever reason, my phone rang and they offered me a place in their office- full time, okay pay, quiet office. In the words of Rachel Dratch- "UUUUUUUNIVERSE!!!!". Funny how everything has a way of falling into place. I always feel like somehow I get exactly what I need from life. Maybe not always what I want (although in this case I did), but I always seem to get what I need.

This experience kind of just taught me to trust the world around me, but also to trust myself and my instincts. I had worth, I knew it. I had settled for a job I hated because I felt like I had no other choice- I stayed because I felt like I had no other choice- but as soon as I took that leap of faith, everything around me started falling into place. Sometimes, that's just what it takes- shutting your eyes and taking the dive. Come what may.

2012 was really the year where I established my independence. I moved out on my own- no roomate and with that came alot of responsibilities- but the main responsibility I took on 2012 was understanding that I was responsible for my own happiness. 2012 introduced me to a new way of thinking where I was in control of my perspective. Perspective is a funny little thing but it makes a world of difference. You see, if you allow yourself to perceive the world as being a dark, depressing place then that is what the world becomes to you. But if you view the world as being filled with possibilities and endless opportunities- that's what the world will be. We all have bad moments. We do, no way around those (although if you know a way- please share!). There will always be mornings where your car doesnt start or you stub your toe on the way out of bed. But you do have control over what happens next- you can say to yourself "GOSH! TODAY SUCKS!" and live in that cranky, grouchy state. You can keep that rain cloud over your head all day long and wollow in self pity OR you can let every moment take you back to zero. You can accept that that wasn't the best moment you've ever had, let that moment go, and look for something better in the next moment. The honest truth- there is always some good, somewhere if you make up your mind to see it.

If you make up your mind that it isn't there, it won't be- does that make sense? You can, quite literally, blind yourself to all the good that is in your life just by perspective. Mind blowing, right?!

2012 was also a year of adventure. It was the year I travelled out to California, went ziplining, got a tattoo, and really just allowed myself to be exactly who I am. It was the year I forced myself out of my comfort zone. A year filled with new friends, new romance, and a zillion little adventures.

And 2013 promises to be even more adventure packed- 2013 is the year Little graduates high school and moves to the big city for college, apparently the year my MAC (Most Awesome Cousin) gets married (EXCITING!), a big move is in the works, and I am feeling like a big trip needs to happen this year- it's thrilling to go into a new year and just welcome the unknown. Here is what I do know- no matter what 2013 brings, it's going to be exactly the year I need it to be- filled with ups and downs, learning, and growth. It's going to be one heck of a year.

OH! Also, because I almost forgot- exciting things are happening in the blogosphere and I just signed up for a blogger book swap! You can get more information by clicking the button below! I'M SO STINKING EXCITED!!! I am still working on the "reads" section of the blog but don't think I've forgot! Maybe I will start with whichever book I get from the book swap! I have a To-Read list a mile high but I'm going crazy waiting for this book swap to start!

 Big things happening for A Little Serendipity in 2013 as well! So stay tuned, folks!



Anonymous said...

I love your tattoo!
I have "alis volat propriis" on my ribcage and have wanted to add the silhouette of birds for a while. Although I probably never will.

Destiny said...

Oh! You should! Im bird obsessed I think when it comes to tattos. Im wanting a feather on my ribcage. Or a phoenix but that seems a bit too large

Nicole said...

I love the placement of your tattoo. I want my next one to go there!

Destiny said...

Thanks, Nicole! I thought it'd be horribly painful there but it really wasn't bad at all!

Ms. Amanda Grace said...

Beautiful post. You crack me up.

Also your tattoo is beautiful.

little said...

definitely a gorg tatt!!

romantically challenged