Nov 26, 2012

Day 5/30: Happiness.

The Little and I during her shoot with Meg White Photography.

Hello, gorgeous friends!

I apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend. I spent most of it traveling. We got back from Oklahoma Saturday and I spent the day out of town with Boyfriend and his family on Sunday. It was such an incredible long weekend filled with laughter and some of my all-time favorite people. Did you do anything exciting over the Thanksgiving break?
Today’s post for the 30 Things challenge is “5 Things That Make Me Most Happy Right Now”. I’m excited to write this one because it’s nice and upbeat. Which, honestly, is very helpful because tomorrows post is a little tougher for me to write and much more serious. I won’t give too much away but expect a lot of brutal honesty. I may start working on it today actually, it’s that hard for me to write.

In the meantime, here are 5 things that currently make me happy:

1.       It’s officially Christmas time! We put up the tree at mom and dad’s late Saturday night. We decided against a theme and just filled the tree with all the random decorations we’ve accumulated over the years which makes it a Dallas Cowboys-dinosaur-elementary school-angel-country kitchen-antique-bauble tree. Yeah, I know. I could hardly handle the awesome-ness myself! Afterwards we all gathered around and watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, which is my all-time favorite Christmas movie and a bit of a holiday tradition in our household. I felt just like a kid again.

2.       Boyfriend.  Seriously. I’ve smiled nonstop for over a month now! My face needs a break! It literally hurts to be this happy. I wish I could explain how much I appreciate him accurately but it just never quite captures the sentiment.  Sorry if this got too mushy- I like to think we’re cute sometimes. See?
WHAT?! You don't think we're cute? Blasphemy!

3.       Currently, I am very happy about the fact that even though I got approximately 2.5 hours of sleep last night, I am not even remotely tired. I like to think this is contributed to the fact that I took an impromptu, brisk run this morning when my dog got out and began to run straight for the busiest road in town (Thank heavens for Boyfriend who helped catch said dumb dog and returned him home safe and sound). Well, that, and maybe all that Dr. Pepper I have pumped myself full of this morning.

4.       My family. My family is amazing. Seriously. I have never met a group of people more loving and accepting. I had such an amazing time at Thanksgiving. It never ceases to amaze me just how much they make me laugh when we are all together. We are a nerdy bunch and I say that in the greatest way possible! Speaking of nerdy- the Little and I’s matching footie pajamas have shipped. I can’t wait to wear them to Christmas dinner! (We like themes around these here parts!)

5.       The possibilities for the future. Lately, I’ve been trying to figure a lot out. I’ve been contemplating moving, staying, roommates, jobs, switching schools- just a ton of huge life changes that are coming up quicker than I realized. It’s a huge thing to step out of your comfort zone and start over somewhere (or just to make that decision, even!) and sometimes I struggle with the unknown. My job now is amazing and the thought of ever leaving fills me with anxiety. I know it’s not like I’m leaving today but still! One thing for sure- the possibilities for the future are endless! That’s the greatest thing about life- those fun little positive curveballs life throws your way. I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds from here!

What are you happy about today? Whatever it may be, focus on those positive aspects of life today and even though Thanksgiving is over, be sure to take a few seconds to be grateful for all you have. You are amazing and there are wonderful things ahead.

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