Nov 22, 2012


Playing around on Photobooth with my absolutely adorable little. 

Hello, gorgeous friends! I hope you are stuffed to the brim with delicious food and enjoying your amazing families. Regardless, today is a day of giving thanks so I've decided to take a break from the 30 Things and devote a post to thankfulness.

Really, I think every day is filled with reasons to be grateful but here a few things I am exceptionally thankful for.

I am thankful for...... 

...YOU (whoever you may be). This is my first serious attempt in blogging and in the past week, this blog has received almost over 300 hits. That's incredible! Thank you for the comments, the feedback, liking us on Facebook, or just coming and reading. I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you! time. Since I don't live with my parents sometimes family time is a little scarce. The past two days have been such a blast. I've taken silly pictures with my adorable sister, cuddled with the family dog, Hot Rod, dominated at a game of Mad Gab, played Drop (Catch, unless you can't catch!), and just enjoyed the world's best company (aka- my dorky, quirky family).

...a certain boy who finds ways to make me smile 1,000,000 times a day.

...amazing friends. job which is paying me to sit around with my family today.

...chocolate covered cheesecake stuffed strawberries (oh my yum). menace of a dog, Yoda.

... life lessons.

...every trial and triumph I have faced. They shaped me into who I am.

... help (even if I don't like to ask for it) when things get tough.

... it is officially Christmas season now!

... the amazing opportunities that came my way this past year. I wouldn't have expected any of this had you asked me last year but I have been blessed beyond belief this past year.

... the courage to face fears.

... for chances.

... the fact that we are blessed enough to have a roof over our heads and an abundance of both love and food.

... forgiveness.

... hot tea.

... amazing parents.

... the worlds BEST little sister.

... laughter.

I'm sure there are a zillion more reasons but (as much as I love you and this blog) I have a family I am eager to get back to. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Don't worry. I'll be back to the 30 Things challenge tomorrow! In the meantime, what are you thankful for?

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