Nov 27, 2012

Day 7/30: Project Bucket List

#64- Get a tattoo. DONE!

Day 7/30 on Cherishing Hopes "30 Things" challenge was supposed to be "Describe your dream job" but I just wasn't feeling motivated to write that post today (as fun as it may be). So, for those of you who you don't know, I am a business major who plans to minor in communications and eventually would like to go into event coordinating. I'm a planner by nature and have always found planning to be the most exciting aspect of a party or event (I enjoy the hype). See, this would have been the shortest blog post ever for me. So, instead, I am improvising and using Day 7 to introduce you to a new project I am starting on this here lovely blog.

Introducing: Project Bucket List
"Take your dreams and turn them into projects. Dreams have a funny way of staying dreams but a project is something that needs to be done."- The Buried Life
Maybe it's just the writer in me but I keep a hard copy of an actual Bucket List (you know- the list of things you want to do sometime throughout your life). I add things to this list constantly. Seriously, I'll be watching tv, browsing pinterest, talking to friends, whatever- and something will hit me that sounds fun- BAM! It's on the list. Boyfriend and I have a very similar "to do" list of all the things we want to do together someday (and if you are really nice, he may let me share that list with you, too). But I have my own little (okay incredly long) list and I'm turning it into a project for the blog.
You see, as I mark something off my list, I'm going to share the journey with you. Pictures, stories, my thoughts, whether it was as thrilling as I thought it'd be, etc. I'm hoping this will motivate me to do more on my list (especially once the 30 Thing challenge is done and I'm struggling to find writing material!) and also, hopefully, will be a fun journey for you as a reader.
Some of the things on the list I have already done. I will mark them and I will post stories about those experiences here in the near future. As I do new things, I will come here and mark them off the list and post the pictures and stories on the blog for you all to read. My goal is to eventually mark everything off my list (however it is going to take a very long time, I think my list is 3 pages long....)
So, here it is. The Bucket List.
Someday I want to ...
1. Get my belly button pierced (DONE! That one was easy!)
2. Visit a fortune teller (DONE!)
3. Go ziplining (DONE!)
4. Go parasailing
5. Go to Lollapalooza (I think this one is old, but I wrote it down soooo...)
6. Go to Italy
7. Reiki
8. Try a juice cleanse
9. Go skiing
10. Adopt a child out of foster care (obviously not tomorrow...)
11. Buy a house
12. Buy a prius. (Don't make fun! I drive a Chevy Silverado and it guzzles gas!)
13. Donate a month of my time to volunteering overseas.
14. Go an entire month without eating out.
15. Spend quality one on one time with EACH of my family members (wow, that's going to be difficult, there are a lot of them!)
16. Stop doubting myself.
17. Visit Spain.
18. meet Donald Glover.
19. Finish College (oh, Gosh! Yes, please! Tomorrow would be nice!)
20. Teach people about positive thinking.
21. Give back.
22. 10 concerts. One summer.
23. Spend a birthday in Vegas (in a penthouse suite? Come on, that just sounds fancy!).
24. New Years in Times Square.
25. Run a 5k.
26. Start a Blog (OH! Done!)
27. Learn to shoot pictures in manual.
28. Wakeboard.
29. Travel to India.
30. White water rafting.
31. Learn fluent sign language.
32. Get veneers (okay, that one is silly.)
33. Spa day with the girls. (That seems so glamorous!)
34. Swim with dolphins
35. See a Broadway show.
36. Walk in Paris in the rain.
37. Visit Brighton, England
38. Own a pair of LouBoutin heels
39. Start meditating daily (ALMOST!)
40. Say "I do". (Obviously, not tomorrow!)
41. Rent a cabin in the mountains.
42. Learn to surf (of course, I hate the ocean!)
43. Consistenly learn to conquer fear and do things that scare me
44. Take a trip with "the girls" every year.
45. Make new friends.
46. Learn to keep an open mind (I think I'm starting to get this one. Maybe?)
47. Take a cake decorating class.
48. Take food & water to a homeless person.
49. Make a difference.
50. Buy a house and paint the front door a fun color.
51. Visit all 50 US states.
52. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
53. Take a dance class (I halfway did that!)
54. Visit Petra.
55. Have an adventure.
56. Be on a tv show (yes, please?)
57. Audition for a play.
58. Watch a filming of the Ellen Degeneress show LIVE!
59. Get better posture!
60. Go to Lake Superior.
61. Throw Little the World's Most Awesome "Lord Knows What" (that will make more sense someday)
62. Compete in  a beauty pageant.
63. Write a children's book.
64. Get a tattoo (DONE... but I can make this "Get ANOTHER Tattoo?")
65. Give my wardrobe a makeover

I'm sure there will be more to come but so far this seems like a pretty great place to start! So, stay tuned folks! It may take me the next 20 years but I will make my way through this list someday!

What's on your Bucket List?


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