Dec 9, 2012

Day 15/30: "Wild Card" post- If you REALLY knew me...

Little and I. 

According to Cherishing Hopes and Dreams 30 Things, todays post is supposed to be "If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?" (a dog, by the way) but I don't really want to write an entire post on why I'd want to switch lives with my little Yoda. So, I have decided to give myself a WILD CARD!

And for all you card game experts out there, you know the best part about a WILD CARD is that it can be literally ANYTHING you want it to be. So, this left me with a tough decision this morning- what do I want to write about? I have several topics picked out for after the 30 Things like How Sappy Movies Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations of Relationships, the stories of things Iv already crossed off the Bucket List, and Just Because I'm An Introvert... and I suppose I could use any of those. But no! My brain has came up with something silly (and okay, fine, unoriginal).

Have you seen that old-ish MTV show "If you really knew me"?? Well, I've decided to make a post with that theme because I can do it in list format and ya'll know I love me some lists, right? So, here is it is!

If you REALLY knew me, you'd know...

1. Certain social situations make me anxious. I used to be ALOT worse about this (yay for personal growth!) but I still clam up around large groups. Sometimes, I have to give myself a pep talk to make myself go out. It usually goes something like this- "Now, Destiny. How many times have you gone out now? Several, right? And how many times have you had a blast once you got there? Every time! So, what are you so nervous about? You know these people. You talk to these people! They obviously like you or you wouldn't be invited. No, lazy, you can't stay home and bum it up on the couch! Get out there and face those anxieties, you hot tamale!" The best part about this is that EVERY time I force myself out of my comfort zone, the next time I step out of my comfort zone is just a tiny bit easier.
2. I struggled with low self esteem when I was younger.
3. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year. FAVORITE. It's magical. When I was little we would drive home from my grandmas on Christmas Eve and dad would make us search for Rudolph the whole ride home. You know those airplane towers with the red blinking light on top? That was Rudolph. My dad swore it was. So every time we'd see one, my dad would say "OH! Rudolph is moving fast! We better beat him home!" Obviously, as I got older, I realized how silly this was but I always thought MAN that guy sure loves me if he is willing to pretend airplane towers are Rudolph!
4. If I don't get enough sleep it literally affects me ALL DAY LONG the next day.
5. I have an excellent stew recipe.
6. I am a pro bargain hunter because spending money stresses me out but I like to get new things.
7. Someone once pointed out that I have a zillion different laughs. I have a laugh when I'm being polite, a laugh when something is funny, a laugh when something is REALLY funny, a nervous laugh, a "I'm uncomfortable but I don't really want to offend you laugh", and even a "I'm kinda angry and your being a jerk" laugh.
8. I bite my lip when I'm concentrating really hard.
9. I can literally put hot sauce on nearly everything and some things I CAN'T eat without hot sauce. Ramen noodles with hot sauce? SO GOOD! Mac n cheese with hot sauce? SO GOOD! Spaghetti O's and hot sauce?! I cant eat Spaghetti O's any other way!
10. I also have to salt everything which isn't very good. I'm trying to do better.
11. I get really super homesick if I go to long without seeing my parents. When I interned at Disney this was the WORST! I remember when they finally came to visit I was SO excited but when they left I was literally crushed. I stayed in their empty hotel room for an hour after they left just because I felt closer to them that way. I don't know why but I just feel safer when mom and dad are around.
12. I used to be afraid of dogs. Not like sort of afraid but like I'll-throw-a-fit-and-refuse-to-go-outside-if-there-is-a-chihuahua-anywhere-within-100-miles sort of afraid. Thank goodness I got over that one.
13.  Public speaking was my favorite  class so far in college. Weird, right?
14.  I've lived in my house for like.... MONTHS now and I still don't even have curtains up.
15.  Despite this blog, I'm a really private person and it makes me uncomfortable to discuss details of my personal life with people, especially if I don't know you all that well.
16. I think sweatpants are the ultimate BEST Christmas present any girl can get. Hint, hint.

...... well, that's all for now folks. It wasn't as deep as I thought it would be when I started but that's okay! I love when posts just turn into something completely different, like they have a mind of their own!

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