Dec 21, 2012

Day 20/30: 3 Childhood Memories

My desk is inconveniently placed so that every morning for about 2 hours the light shines bright in my eyes. See those squinty eyes? That's because Im going blind. See that smile? It's because I'm wearing Little's Christmas sweater to the office today, listening to the Boyce Avenue pandora station (if you don't listen to Boyce Avenue- you should. They make annoying songs into amazing songs), and after today I'm off to enjoy 3 Christmasses in 4 days. Yes. It's going to be a little hectic... and amazing. I may need to break out my fat pants for this, folks!

Day 20's prompt (from the 30 Things) of "3 childhood memories" is very fitting since Wednesday night Boyfriend and I stopped by my parents house. You know those families that have little to no boundaries? That's my fam. You never know what is going to come out of those mouths. So, of course, we took a charming little stroll down memory lane where Dad kindly informed Boyfriend that I had been trained to fall asleep to classical music as a kid but that I would literally cry and throw horrible hissy fits when they tried to make me sleep. I think this has something to do with why Harry Potter puts me to sleep (which Boyfriend kindly brought up). Brea and I shared stories of how we loved this video game (Barbie Detective. Gosh, we were cool) but the shadow figure scared us so we always made dad play those parts and we were always ammused by making farting noises and blaming them on Dad (classy ladies even at a young age!). Okay, so really, it wasn't embarassing at all and we all had a good laugh. Gosh, so much LOVE in my family.

I already shared the Christmas memory (Ruloph the Airplane Tower) with you, so Il spare you that one. Even though it's my FAVORITE. Here are some goodies instead-

1. That one time I almost killed my baby sister. See. I really wanted to make a ball pit. Except I didn't have those foam balls or a pit. So I tied one side of a bed sheet to my bunk bed and one side of the bed sheet to my bookcase (which, I failed to realize, was two pieces- a book case that just sat on top of a dresser). It made like a hammock of sorts. So I, being a crafty little booger, filled the hammock with all the stuffed animals I could find. Now, over this past summer I met a psychic who told me I was "psychicly in tune" and maybe she's right, because I just had this bad feeling like I shouldn't get in that hammock. Obviously, I needed to test it first. So, what did I do? I tossed in my little (who was maybe 2 or 3 at the time) and that, dear friends, is when everything went all kabobble. Because, in very slow motion, the really heavy upper part of the book case began to fall. When I say really slowly, I mean that it was falling too quick for me to act but it seemed so slow that I knew what was about to happen and had lots of time to process the panic. Somehow, by the Grace of God, I guess- the bookcase just hit Little's leg which ended up being fine. She cried for forever and I got in deep trouble. She also tells everyone we've ever met this story. It's infamous. I wish I could say this was the only time we've ever had an accidental near death experience but unfortunately- we're very accident prone.

2.  CHRISTMAS. I already told you about the Rudolph game (here) but honestly, that's just one of zillions of ways my parents humored me during the holidays when I was younger. I LOVED musicals and singing, so I would make us gather around the tree to take turns singing Christmas carols. We also had a tradition of driving around and looking at the christmas lights people put up. In the car, we all had to take turns picking the carol and everyone had to sing it. My parents never flat out told me about Santa. Say what you will, I know some people don't agree with it, but I have always been thankful that my parents let me be imaginitive for as long as I wanted. As I got older, I slowly figured it out but we still refer to "Santa" to this day and I love that. Sometimes, you just want to believe in that tiny little bit of magic, you know? My parents really understood that. As kids, we were always allowed to just BE kids which I think sometimes parents lose sight of how important that is. I remember that for Christmas (for several years) I asked for a ventriliquist doll and a pair of stilts. Yep. I eventually got both. But I had to ask more than once. Which means I was REALLY excited when I finally opened those stilts! In my family, everyone buys for the kids and the adults pull names and buy for one other adult. So Christmas is extra special as a kid. I remember getting BURRIED under piles of presents that were literally taller than me when I stood up. Brea and I used to compete, which is horrible, to see who got the bigger pile of gifts. We could hardly wait all day Christmas Eve to open presents and we'd beg & beg to open gifts. We still beg, but really it's more for memory sake than anything else. My family passes around this Larry Byrd shirt as a gag EVERY YEAR and I remember the first year I got it I was a little embarassed because obviously everyone laughed but also kind of proud because it was suddenly OFFICIAL. I was grown up enough to get the shirt. I was part of the family.

3. MY DAD, A BEAT UP MINIVAN, and ANNIE (THE MUSICAL). Did I tell you I was obsessed with musicals growing up? Oh, I did? Phew. Because I really was. My favorite was Annie (my first dogs name was Sandy... yeah. It's bad!). And my dad (sorry for sharing this, Dad) used to drive me to the school bus stop in this really beat up clunker of a mini van. We always seemed to get there really early. You know what we'd do when we got there? We'd sing showtunes. Our favorite was "Tomorrow" from Annie because it was easy to remember the words to. One day it snowed and school got cancelled but we hadnt realized. So we went out to the bus stop and sang Tomorrow and it snowed and snowed and snowed outside around us and I remember being in awe of watching the snow and laughing and singing my favorite songs with my dad because that was like our little thing. Real men sing showtunes with their daughters if thats what their daughters are into. Just sayin'.

Yeah, we all kind of love each other and stuff. I know- it's gross. <3 Happy Holidays everybody. Just in case I don't get to post between now and then! I'l take lots of pictures for you!

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood?

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