Dec 12, 2012

Day 17/30: I Most Wish I Was Great At...

Hello, gorgeous friends! And an extra excited "hello" to all you new followers *runs and gives you a hug!* I know, there are only seven of you so far but since this blog really just started under a month ago... I feel like that is just absolutely phenomenal! I guess I expected to have to write for a lot longer before anyone read this stuff! You guys. YOU GUYS!!! You guys are awesome!

Before I get straight to the point of Day 17/30, I want to share some cuteness that took place yesterday afternoon ...

Now, either my little Yoda got attacked by the Grinch or he was practicing wrapping some gifts of his own. That sly little booger! Seriously, though. Ribbon was everywhere... and torn up wrapping paper. Thanks, Yo. If he wasn't just so darn precious, I'd probably have been pretty mad (wrapping paper is pricey stuff!). No allowance for Yoda!

Anyways- day 17 is "The thing I most wish I was great at" and I have quite a long list of things I'm just no good at but really wish I was. Mainly athletic things like playing catch (I tell everyone I'm playing "drop" because that's about all I do with the ball!), basketball, tennis, running, volleyball... yeah, I'm clumsy kid with big big dreams. I used to avoid playing sports with boyfriends like the plague because I always just looked like an idiot! Then I learned (listen up, ladies!) that it didn't even matter if I was good or not, as long as I had a good attitude. You know what is even sexier than a girl who is good at sports? A girl with a good sense of humor who isn't afraid to laugh at herself.

But, at the top of my list, the thing I most wish I was great has absolutely nothing to do with sports. The thing I most wish I was great at is understanding. I feel like if you can gain a good understanding of people and situations you will become a much more compassionate, patient person. I have been working to "train my brain" to be more understanding but there are still those moments where I just lose it. Those moments where I get stuck in my own head, stuck in the fact that I want to be right, my pride gets bruised and understanding goes right out the window.

I wish that didn't happen.

I wish I was great at understanding. So that I never lost sight of the other side of the story, so that I always was able to get different perspective, I wish I never had those moments where I just couldn't understand any viewpoint but my own.

This is one of those moments where I realize no one can be perfect but wouldn't it be amazing if we all were great at understanding? Oh, man. What the world would be like if the next you started to argue with your neighbor, you could step back and understand his story and he could understand yours. Maybe you'd handle that argument much more gracefully. Imagine how patient you could be. Imagine the difference you could make.

Yeah, I think infinite understanding would be quite a wonderful skill.

What do you wish YOU were great at?

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