Dec 10, 2012

Day 16/30: Accomplishments

You know what is absolutely NOT a good sign? Showing up for the wrong final. Umm.. WHO DOES THAT?! Good new is my classes are marketing and selling and the coursework is nearly identical. But that leaves me with an entire extra hour... what to do, what to do? Oh, fine. I guess I'll post on the blog.

Day 16's goal is to list 5 accomplishments. I think we can handle that.

1. Going back to school. I hated telling people I wasn't going to college. Truthfully I always knew I'd go but I was lacking a firm direction and I wanted to take some time to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. Everyone told me I wouldn't go back to school and I understand that alot of people never do. But I knew. I knew I would go someday but I also knew that it wasn't the right "fit" for me straight out of high school. Now, I still wouldn't say I ever really "found" myself but I definitely learn new things about myself each and every day. I am the author of my own life story. The point to this story is- stop worrying if what you want isn't the exact same thing everyone around you wants. That is perfectly okay. Welcome to life. At some point in time I think we all will experience something like this. Listen to your heart. You are the ONLY person who knows what is right for you.

2. Somehow managing to afford to live on my own, without roomies. I won't lie. Sometimes I'm broke as a joke because rent was due and utilities and HomeGirl has to eat. But it's the most amazing feeling to know that I made all of the life around me possible and that I am successfully standing on my own two feet. Sure, my house can get messy since I run in and run out and I basically spend several hundred dollars a month on a place for YODA to hang out since I'm never there but you know what- somehow, I manage.

3. Overcoming fear and anxiety. We talk about this alot, don't we? But it's true. This year I feel it especially. Gosh 2012, you really took me for a few loops and helped draw me out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions. I've been truly blessed to have the experiences and opportunities thrown at me this year but what's responsibility without that little voice in your head saying "Now, sugar- are you SURE you can handle this?" This year has been all about saying YES to things I would've said NO to in the past. All about new experiences and growth and rebuilding- and it has all paid off in more ways than I can ever truly express.

4. This blog. Blogging is harder than I ever would have thought. At first you sort of just have to stomache that feeling of vulnerability when you publish a new post. There is often a lot of wondering "what are people going to think of this?" but the feedback has been wonderful and I've enjoyed the journey. Somehow I learn new things about myself through blogging or maybe I've just had to sit down and really think about things I hadn't thought of before. I had gotten out of the habbit of really sitting down and writing and since I started blogging I've sort of forced writing to become a part of my life again. I had missed it.

5. Learning to be content with who I am. If you are going to accomplish ONE thing in your ENTIRE life- I recommend this one. I'm learning that I'm always going to be awkward. I'm always going to have that disconnect between my brain and my mouth that causes me to say all sorts of weird things that I SWEAR made sense in my mind! I'm always going to walk a different path than people around me and think strange thoughts and read way too much into the tiny little details of my day. And you know what? That's perfectly okay. Why do we try so hard to fit in? It literally kills our spirits, I think. The little quirks that make you different, are also the details that make you amazing. You wouldn't be YOU without every little flaw. Stop hiding those away. Embrace them. Live your own life, your way, and the people who truly love you will stick around for the ride.

Okay, time for a last minute study session- for the RIGHT subject this time. Oh, my.

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Jessica said...

Wow, are you me? I think when I get to this day on Thirty Things, I'll just link here. :P It's the most incredible feeling when you accomplish things. Congrats to you.. keep it up. :)